Orgueil Speakeasy

Gastronomic Restaurant
| Paris

Orgueil Speakeasy

Pride's strength lies in its ability to juggle between atmospheres and flavors, decors and chords.

By bringing very different experiences to life within the same place, with a concept focusing on conviviality and sharing on the one hand, and on curiosity about the unknown on the other, it gives the possibility of coming and to come back without ever experiencing the same evening. Whatever side of the mirror is chosen, the intention remains the same: to take advantage of a singular and unexpected setting to feast and discover all the talents of a trio that we have not finished hearing about. .

Going to the other side of the mirror means discovering the many facets of Pride, which pulls off a real sleight of hand here by juggling the Bistro and Speakeasy menus.

Synergies that make it possible to sublimate all the raw materials and thus avoid any food waste as much as possible.

On the Speakeasy side, we appreciate the tasting menu in seven stages in a confidential setting... hidden behind the stoves.

We also propose a food and wine pairing to enhance this menu.

General information


Fusion, French, Homemade, Fresh products

Business type

Gastronomic Restaurant

Opening hours

Mon - Fri

20:00 - 02:00 *

Sat - Sun

12:30 - 15:00 * 20:00 - 02:00 *

* Bookings only

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6 rue Popincourt 75011 Paris 01 83 97 34 80